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The Hebrew writer gives us insights into how Christians can endure all things in this world and cross the finish line victorious. He tell us to get rid of the extra baggage or dead weight that we are unnecessarily carrying around with us, like sin, etc. Then he tells us to run with endurance, keeping our focus on Him who has blazed the trail for us and has saved us from our wretchedness. And also to learn this endurance through the discipline of God that guides us and teaches us to live the life of glory He has given us. If we keep our eyes on the one who has perfected our faith, then we will cross that finish line having run the race with grace and be in the arms of our loving and gracious Father in Heaven.

It is so easy to claim the God of Heaven to be your God. The trouble throughout the ages has been that we tend to want to make God into the image that we want Him to be or to have Him on standby just in case we need him, and then just live our lives the way we want to until the time we have to call on Him. Jesus said, not everyone who says, Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but the one who does the will of My Father in Heaven.

The church is illustrated a lot of different ways in scripture but the one that it is never illustrated as is a building. The "ekklesia", literally the congregation or assembly of the free are the Lord's church, those whom he has set free through the power of His gospel. The church is Christ's, it belongs to Him, He builds it, He purchased it with His own blood. The church is the called out, those who have answered the gospel call to be transformed from the darkness into the kingdom of God's light. Those who respond to Jesus call to follow Him and become like Him. The church is the body of Christ, the assembly of the called out, those who He has added to His body, the members, the saints who march through life according to His will rather than their own or the will of some other man or pretend god. The church is those who love God, who desire to worship Him and be with Him for eternity.

Jesus died on the cross and gained victory over death, sin, the Devil, and every kind of wickedness. When we are in Him we have that same victory the life to live. It is Jesus Christ that gives us the victory as He is the one who overcame the world and all of the evil sin in it. So if you are not living a life of victory in Christ, why not? The challenge isn't Jesus, your challenge has everything to do with what you are doing or you believe. Gain the life of victory today.