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There are many keys to having a successful prayer life. This lesson is going to focus on 3 of those keys that may help you to change your perspective on prayer and help you to be more in tune with God through your prayer life. We will look at other faithful men and women of the Bible that had great prayer lives, most important of all, our Savior and Lord Jesus the Christ. Prayer is not what people often may think it is. Prayer is not about me or you but it is totally about God, His will and His glory in every situation we find ourselves in while serving Him is His kingdom. Therefore, the answer to our prayers will also totally depend upon that God sees as best for us, whether we like it or approve of it. We want to make sure we are listening for His answer and not looking for his stamp on and approval of our will.

The world often has a different imperfect view of what a father should be and his role in the family. God gave us both examples and instruction on how to be a father just like He is a Father to us. Jesus tells us that we are to be perfect as our Heavenly father is perfect. And so all fathers have to make a choice what kind of father they will be. Like that of the world or like the father God created us to be and wants us to be. The choice is yours and the consequences are also yours.

One thing we all will eventually discover in this world is that nothing is all about me. We live in a world that promotes that thinking and behavior, in a world that is selfish, self seeking, self-centered believing the myth that life is all about the way I want it to be. Well that is not the way life on this earth began and it is still not the way that it works. God created us for Himself, therefore the created does not tell the creator what they were created for. God does not exist for us, we exist for Him. When we get this sorted out in our lives, we realize that the life we were chasing, believing it to be the sweet life, suddenly becomes the sour life. The sweet life is the one God designed and created us for. So let's start living the sweet life with God.

In the first century there was a jailhouse that was rocked. It was rocked by and earthquake of miraculous persuasion by the hand of God. In that jailhouse were two of God's faithful servants named Paul and Silas. They didn't waver in the hour of persecution, but came out victorious. Here is how they did it. They were faithful to God and trusted in Him. When locked up they prayed and sang and as a result there were some souls that were saved. They didn't even let the magistrates dismiss them secretly because they hadn't done anything wrong, they were innocent. They even stuck around when they were freed to finish the work they had begun in that city. When told to leave town, they went over to Lydia's house and had fellowship with the saints and encouraged them before they continued on their missionary journey. Faithful trust in Jesus and God is the only way to attain victory like Paul and Silas experienced in Philippi.