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People sometimes ask us why we should study the Bible. There are many reasons that we should study the Bible and none more important than the fact that God is our creator and the Bible is His word which gives us our purpose which we have been created for and the keys of living life that is needed for us to fulfill that purpose. Within those boundaries and through the study of the Bible you will find many more reasons. Enjoy your study and prayerfully you will see the need and respond to the gospel call.

Jeremiah unleashes an emotional outburst to the Lord for the situation he finds himself in with the people of Israel. The leaders and most others have turned from God and turned to the worship of idols, like Baal and Asherah. Jeremiahs message from God has fallen on hard hearts and so they turn their displeasure to persecuting the messenger. Jeremiah is conflicted because his life is miserable when he shouts out God's message and become even more unbearable when he chooses not to speak God's message any more. It then burns like fire in his bones and he gets so weary of holding it in, that he can no longer hold it and it comes gushing out. Christians can fall into that struggle from time to time so be encouraged to know that persecution is part of the Christian walk and so don't quit, keep speaking and sharing and remember we have already won the victory in Christ.

Every Christian needs a revival from time to time. We should not get it confused with regeneration which is needed if you are not yet in Christ Jesus. Revival is a refreshing from the Lord, His Spirit, and His Word. To receive this revival, a person must seek out God or be will to turn back to Him and to humble themselves before the Lord. A revival is a refreshing of devotion to God's love, purpose and will for our lives, turning all things completely over to His care and will. Revival indicates that their is life to be had, but the one it is for is wilting away on the vine. Pray for revival in the Spirit and love of God.

The church from it's inception was involved in a battle with the enemy, the devil and today the church is still involved in that battle. The battle is for your heart and your soul, Jesus wanting you to have eternal life and glory with Him while the devil wants to destroy your soul in eternal Hell. This battle is of epic proportions and needs the proper equipping and equipment for us to overcome and be victorious. Paul tells us that we must be prepared for this battle and the only way to do that and stand firm in the strength of the Lord is to take up the whole armor of God. We cannot pick and choose what we want to take up, we must take up the WHOLE armor of God. Take up simply means to clothe ourselves with His armor. Paul lists the armor in Eph. 6. The only way to have success in this battle is given to us by Paul in this chapter. Let's prepare ourselves and ready ourselves for battle to stand firm and be left standing when all is said and done, to receive our Heavenly reward of eternal life with the Father of lights in Heaven.