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We cannot imagine the beauty and wonder that God has stored up for us in Heaven.  However, God does give us some insight into what we can expect, both in this life with Him and in the life to come.   He who is faithful has made promises to us that will not be broken, revoked, or nullified in any way, shape or form.  So we are going to look at some of those promises and see what we can know for sure God is doing for us, what He has for us and the blessings of having those in a relationship with Him.   God Bless. 

We hear man different quotes that people have come to know and use that many think has come from the Bible.  The problem we often run into is that we cannot find that quote in the Bible.   Some of them sound proverbish and even plausible.  However they come from quotes that poets make, that scholars come up with, or they are pithy sayings or folklore.  But they are not in the Bible.   Some of these seem completely harmless while other can be down right dangerous to the point of missing out on salvation in Jesus Christ.  The only way to resolve this for yourself is to read the Bible, know what it says, understand in context what it says and don't let the world around you influence you or make you think they actually know what they are talking about.  God bless you in your study and reading of his complete Word of truth. 

God tells us that He is going to make all things new.  (Rev. 21:5)  Lamentations 3:23 tells us that His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning.    So you and I get to enjoy all the "new" that God has made and even be a part of that "new" that He has made.  His mercies truly never come to an end, and if your focus is God when you awake from your slumber, you realize that his mercies are new every morning.  I talk in this sermon about 8 specific "new things" God has made that we have the blessing of enjoying each and every day.   Count your many blessings and see what God has done.   Christians should never have a ho hum day if they are truly looking at the New mercies of God we have every day.