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Everyone talks about God telling Moses to tell Pharaoh, "Let my people go".  The trouble is that let my people go is only a part of the message that Pharaoh was to receive.  The complete message was "let my people go, to worship me and serve me".  The second part of the message is the punchline and purpose of the entire message.  It was about who the people of Israel belong to and who they needed to be serving and worshipping.  Pharaoh had way overstepped his bounds when he enslaved the people of God, even though God had allowed it to happen.  Of course this was to show Pharaoh and the world who God truly is.   So remember we are freed from the slavery of sin, not to do whatever we want to do, but to worship and serve the living God who has saved us from our slavery. 

Ebenezer means an acknowledgement and proclamation set up in remembrance of the work that God does in our lives.  It commemorates that fact that to this point, where I raise my Ebenezer is in recognition that it is by the power of God and the grace of God that I have gotten this far.  It is good for us to do this, to raise up Ebenezer's in our lives from time to time, acknowledging and proclaiming the wonderful work that God does for us and through us in our lives.  I encourage you as you listen to this message, to take to heart the many times you could raise up an Ebenezer where you are at in specific times in your life. 

Being a servant of Jesus isn't nearly as complicated as many make it out to be.  The truth is that really all he wants is for you to imitate Him and that is why He came to this earth.  He set the example of what a servant is and in doing so, He gave us His wish for our Christian living.  The greatest among us is the one who accomplishes the task of imitating Him with their live the best.  Then we are being like our Savior and Master.  Let's do this and see that life can be so much more when we live for Him rather than for us. 

This is a song sermon on the hymn titles "Whispering Hope".  Interestingly, when this song was written, it was not intended to be or was it written with any religious ideas in mind.  It was written in a time of war but it has become one of many people's favorites in Christian praise and worship.  With this sermon, my intention is to draw you to the scriptural truths of the 3 stanzas that this hymn is composed of.  When we look in depth at what we are actually singing, it enriches our worship and praise as well as bringing more glory to our Risen King and Savior.  I pray you are blessed with this message and we all want to make sure that we have this hope that we sing about in this hymn.