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There is nothing in this world that can make us right once we have committed even the slightest sin. We cannot go enough good to rectify the damage done, we cannot do anything to make our relationship with God right again. The only thing that can do that for us in the blood of Jesus. That is why we sing this hymn with confidence and joy. Not of good that I have done, what can wash away my sin, what can make me whole again, for my pardon this I see, for my pardon this my plea, nothing but the blood of Jesus.

From the beginning, God was all about restoring things to their original state and design when they got messed up by mankind. With Israel he wanted the nation and the people to continually have restored fellowship with Him as well has having the temple restored to its original design. With us today, God wants man's relationship restore to its original design and the church is in a continuous state or restoration as it is hard for man to stay on task with the will of God.

Jesus resurrection established Him as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the eternal king of an eternal kingdom and has all authority over the kings and kingdoms of this world. He rules supreme and there is no one nor anything that can stop Jesus or dethrone Him.

Isaiah the Prophet tells the Jews to seek our the Lord and return to Him. To hear Him and to eat of the good and rich food of God rather than the food that does not satisfy and that is vanity. In His message Isaiah goes beyond the nation of the Jews and tells them that the call to seek and return is put out to all nations and is referring to salvation that is only found in Christ Jesus. The Jews missed this tidbit of information and fought the idea that God would save the Gentiles also. God's answer to that through the prophet was that His thoughts and ways are so far superior in every way over those of man's. Therefore we do not tell God what He should think or do, rather He tells us how to think and what to do. After all He is our creator and the cup never says to his maker, you made me for this or that. So seek out God, turn to Him, listen to Him and enjoy His compassion and His pardon of your sins and live the blessed life with Him.